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Last year I started a counseling program in Consciousness with Robert.

The reason was that I noticed in the separate sessions, that I had a lot of chaos in my head and had a very hard time staying with myself. The latter also meant that I often did not know which choices felt and were right for me because I was not sufficiently aware and conscious in certain situations. Too much chaos also gave unclarity in communication.

At the start of a session, Robert got to the core very quickly and knew exactly what I needed at that moment in terms of mental coaching and healing.

After each session, I walked out the door with him with a clear head and feeling stronger.

As the course progressed, I found that I was able to stay closer to myself and become more aware of what was happening inside and around me and better anticipate it.

In the period from the beginning of the course to the end, a lot also happened and changed in my life. I cut knots, started choosing for myself and achieved goals in my work.

Because of the distance I live, 140 km away from Robert, at some point I started opting for online sessions. I was reluctant to do this at first, and when it did become a necessity for me, I found that it made no difference to the sessions in practice. Robert is great at tuning in, connecting and giving healing at a distance. When I noticed that, I also chose to do the rest of the course online.

Now, two months after the process was completed, I notice that the energy in me has actually shifted.
Now when I notice that everything around me is a bit much or I feel mentally diminished, I am much more quickly aware that things can be done differently and also how they can be done differently.
I am back in balance faster.

And that is why I entered into the program: to be able to regain control of my life when things are not going so well and to dare to live life in a way that is authentic to me.

It was a wonderful journey! Thank you Robert!


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