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Balance is needed in our body and mind. If there is balance then it can contribute to a healthy and full life. That balance includes all substances such as minerals, vitamins and amino acids but there are many more. These little substances need each other for everything to function properly.

Think of these substances as dominoes, if there is too little or too much of one substance then such a pebble eventually falls over and if this is not repaired then in time it will take other pebbles with it and so it can go from bad to worse.

With the Corpus Analyser pro, we can do a scan and see if there is an imbalance. Once we know this, we can take targeted action by supplementing or reducing this so that the pebbles are straightened out and balance is restored.

The Corpus Analyzer

The Corpus Analyser is a tool to quickly analyze 250 physical functions. With this test of a few minutes, you will know how your health is doing and which condition improvement is a priority. You save a lot of time and money to get straight to work with the most effective therapy for your body targeted.

Test the actual cause

With health problems, it is not always clear where the cause lies. The symptoms observed or told by a client are only an indication. The cause may come from an entirely different direction.

The Corpus Analysis Method is not comparable to a regular diagnosis and cannot be applied as such. The Corpus Analyser Pro tests the magnetic field of cells based on bioresonance and radionics. This analysis does not diagnose in a physical sense, but reveals deeper energetic imbalances in the client’s subtle auric or etheric field.

These phenomena can manifest in the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body or the mental body.

What is being tested?

The Corpus Analyser Pro tests a large number (250) of parameters of body functions and organs, shows the deviations from the norm so you can use this result to analyze what is the possible cause of the symptom.

Sometimes the results match the symptoms, sometimes not at all. In the latter case, the practitioner looks for abnormal parameters associated with the phenomenon in question. This saves a tremendous amount of time for your analysis, allowing the highest priority complaint to be addressed immediately.

For each parameter, test values and norm values are displayed both graphically and in figures. Within minutes, this test provides insight into deficits, surpluses and absorptive capacity. Among other things, the Corpus Analyser tests the condition of the cardiovascular system, skeletal system, organ functioning, cholesterol, trace elements, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, trace elements, heavy metals, allergies, etc.

Afterwards, you will receive the results and an advice by email.

Not suitable for people…

  • with pacemakers or any other electronic device in the body
  • under long-term heavy medication
  • during pregnancy

Here is an overview of all tested features:

  1. Cardio-/cerebrovascular
  2. Gastrointestinal
  3. Liver
  4. Large intestine
  5. Gallbladder
  6. Pancreas
  7. Kidneys
  8. Lungs
  9. Brain Nerves
  10. Bone diseases
  11. Bone mineral density
  12. Rheumatic bone disease
  13. Index Bone Growth
  14. Blood sugar
  15. Trace elements
  16. Vitamins
  17. Amino acids
  18. Coenzymes
  19. Fatty acids
  20. Endocrine System
  21. Immune System


  1. Toxic Substances
  2. Heavy Metals
  3. General Physical Condition
  4. Allergies
  5. Adiposity
  6. Skin
  7. Eye
  8. Collagen
  9. Meridians
  10. Pulse rate (Heart and Brain)
  11. Blood fats
  12. Gynecology
  13. Menstrual cycle
  14. Chest (F)
  15. Prostate
  16. Male Sexual Function
  17. Sperm and Sperm Cells
  18. Thyroid
  19. Body Function Analysis
  20. ADHD (Children)
  21. Summary

Healthcheck body scan

1st appointment (90 minutes)

in yourself:

€ 90,00

(including VAT)

Healthcheck body scan
follow-up appointments
(60 minutes)

€ 66,00

(including VAT)

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