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Pressure points session

What is a pressure point session?

One of those tools and techniques within Access Consciousness is Access Bars®. Access Bars is an energetic body process for anyone who wants to experience more peace, space and relaxation in the body and mind. Especially in our busy society, it is nice to regularly restore the balance between exercise and relaxation.

  • 32 pressure points on your head, representing different contexts in your life, such as money, control, creativity, aging, body, sexuality, healing, gratitude, etc.
  • These 32 points store all thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations and decisions regarding the different contexts.
  • By gently touching these pressure points, old ballast can be released, bringing back more peace, space, joy and ease.

How do the Bars® work?

By lightly touching the points in various combinations, you bring back the energy in the body and possible blockages will dissolve. This allows all the ballast you still carry physically and mentally that no longer serves you to discharge from your body and mind. You press the delete button, so to speak, to clean up your hard drive.

Effect of Access Bars®

Several studies have now been done on the effects of the Bars by The Global Neuroscience Research Foundation and Dr. Teri Hope, among others.

A number of promising results emerge from these studies:

  • The brain enters the theta state, the deepest form of relaxation and the most optimal connection to the subconscious mind. This allows blockages and obstacles to be resolved more easily.
  • Increased activity in the brain was observed in 63% of people, i.e., a higher state of consciousness.
  • Increased brain wave activity of 15-22 Herz and 22-38 Herz was observed in 96% of people. By now we know that at an activity > 22 Herz one’s energy can be healing for oneself or others. Also, the brain is engaged in deep problem solving and new experiences.
  • Brain wave coherence increased in 85% of people. If there is more “coherence,” it means that more brain areas are connecting and working together. You experience a sense of unity.
  • In 63% of people, an emotional and/or physical transition occurred after the session.
  • Feelings of depression and anxiety reduced by 83-85%

1 pressure point session with Access Bars®

Duration: 90 minutes

in yourself:

€ 95,-

(including VAT)

"After the first session, I already felt so much more relaxed and experienced much more space in my head."

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Access Bars

Disclaimer: Despite the fact that a pressure point session has often been shown to reduce or resolve disease symptoms, pressure point session is not a medical treatment.

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