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coaching, health check body scan & guidance programs

From thinking to feeling to experiencing

At iheal, you are the focus and welcome for personalized guidance in the areas of:

Create a powerful way of awareness with healing sessions.

In meditations guided by me, I guide/coach you to your own core of being. Meditating has many positive influences in your life.

Experience more peace, space and relaxation in the body and mind through light touch of pressure points on the head with the certified method Access Bars™.

The Corpus Analyser Pro tests a large number (250) of parameters of body functions and organs, shows the deviations from the norm so you can use this result to analyze what is the possible cause of the symptom.

At iheal, we create space together so that deeper healing can occur.

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Your wholeness is my mission. My name is Robert Geijp and I would love to take you on an adventure. The adventure of wholeness and awareness. We carefully and thoughtfully travel through the landscape of your life story and past the many stations of your character: boundaries, untapped potential, traumas and your power.

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Nowadays, it is easy to receive certain services online. Especially in corona time, this is a huge godsend!

Online services:

  • Remote Healing
  • Meditation and coaching

Single session or as part of a counseling program.

The benefits at a glance:

Customer Reviews

"I experience much more peace, space & focus through meditation and coaching."

"I feel seen. Great to experience support during and on my growth path."

"After the first session, I already felt so much more relaxed and experienced much more space in my head."

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