Healing in Rijswijk

What is healing?

Whether you are open to it or not, everyone can benefit from a healing treatment. In my practice in Rijswijk I have been able to let many people experience how powerful a session can be.

Reiki, magnetizing, laying on of hands, energy work or energetic treatments – it all comes down to the same thing: a healer is a channel for transmitting powerful, healing energy. This helps to clear disruptions and blockages of energy in your body. Often these lead to physical, emotional or mental imbalance and complaints.

Healing literally means healing. Healing, making whole and becoming whole. This is not always the goal. The bigger goal is to get you in touch with yourself, get the energy flowing properly again and reduce your blockages. Then you notice that you are “whole,” with all that is or presents itself.

How does a healing take place?

The practice space in Rijswijk is set up to create a quiet and safe space that will quickly make you feel at ease. During the treatment, you lie on the table fully clothed. I work on your energy field during the treatment. I do this by resting my hands on or just above your body. A session lasts 75-90 minutes.

What do you feel during or after a healing session?

Many people report being in a deep relaxed state between sleep and wakefulness during the session. Some feel warmth. Others see a blue or white light or literally feel space forming in their heads. Still others feel nothing during a healing, but only notice the effects after a treatment.

Our energy field affects our mental and emotional state, and working in this field has an effect on this state. Thoughts, memories and feelings will manifest in the days following the treatment. Be aware of the (subtle) changes that occur in your life, new situations and encounters that occur.

For what complaints is a healing useful?

Everyone can benefit from a healing, especially if you experience tension in one or more areas of your life (and we all feel that from time to time). This tension, in fact, affects your energetic state. A healing can relieve mental complaints such as overexcited, overtired, burnout, overworked, highly sensitive or ADHD, as well as physical complaints such as muscle tension, back and neck pain, headaches, migraines, irritable bowel, allergies and other disturbances. Note – Despite often having been shown to reduce or resolve disease symptoms, healing is not a medical treatment.

How many treatments?

There is no strict rule as to how many visits are needed. The self-healing process is different for each person. This has to do with a number of factors. The most important factor is the degree of self-awareness and height of the body’s energy frequency. For most clients – especially if energetic healing is a new experience –  it usually takes at least 3 treatments to achieve beneficial balance.

Some clients find it helpful or relaxing to book regular preventive sessions to ensure continuous balance in their energy system. Also, many clients find it a useful adjunct to coaching.

By getting preventive treatment, you can permanently experience the positive effects of a balanced and authentic life.

1 single Healing session

in yourself:

€ 90,50

(including VAT)

Package of 3 Healing Sessions

in yourself:

€ 271,50

(including VAT)

"I feel seen. Great to experience support during and on my growth path."

Customer Experience

Disclaimer: Although energy healing has often been shown to reduce or resolve disease symptoms, healing is not a medical treatment.