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What does change of perception do to you?

the moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body

In changing perception, you can change the chemistry in your body in a healthy way.

Your body’s fight-flight-freeze response (scientifically proven) is caused by psychological fears. It is a built-in defense mechanism that causes physiological changes (chemistry in your body) such as a rapid heartbeat and decreased perception of pain. This allows you to quickly protect yourself from an immediately perceived threat. Fear, by definition, is neither wrong nor right. Fear has a function in immediate emergencies and is useful in some exceptional situations.

Sometimes we get fear projections from other people. People don’t do this consciously, but they do create more fear. Some people are sensitive to this and others are not or less so. Through personal stories that people tell from personal experiences, this causes a fight-flight-freeze reaction. Is this an executive threat or do we create more fear (conscious or unconscious) through stories (regardless of whether they are true or not) that we tell. These anxieties cause cramps in the muscles of the body and take a lot of energy.

What stories do you tell yourself or get through others, where you unconsciously cause the fight-flight-freeze reaction in your body. In your experience, would this contribute to your health?

Case in point:

A client came to my practice a while ago. He was quite excited (slightly flustered) and quite irritated about someone he encountered in the supermarket who was not wearing a mouth guard, even though in these corona times it was mandatory at the time.

I asked him the following questions:

What would this person say if you spoke to him or her about it.
Would you get a response that you are waiting for and would it contribute to your good mood?

Answer: no.

Does it make sense to focus on situations that do not contribute to your good mood?

Answer: no.

Can you change someone’s behavior who is unwilling in this?

Answer: no.

Does this situation contribute to your good mood?

Answer: no.

In the future, would you like to experience a better state of mind in this situation?

Answer: yes.

Ask him: Are you willing to change your perception to change your chemistry in your body and contribute to a healthier mind & body? Yes

Say I’m beautiful! And the nice thing is, the result is accordingly😊

What can I offer you?

  • Together with you, we create a different perception.
  • This one contributes to a healthier mind & body
  • Changing perception offers perspective (in any desired situation)

Disclaimer: Although energy healing has often been shown to reduce or resolve disease symptoms, healing is not a medical treatment.

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